Do you understand, there are often big differences, between management, and leadership? While some managers, also true leaders, one can serve in the previous position, without leading, to a significant level! Especially in near-non-profit organizations, with both paid staff, and voluntary leadership, there are often differentiation and separation, from these skills, and assets. Unfortunately, however, too often, this volunteer, both fail to understand this difference, or focus on it, and become a little more, than an uninteresting room – holder! This article will review, briefly, 5 main differences, between a manager, and a leader.

1. The leader balances emotions and logic, and inspires / motivates, while managers implement policies: true leadership requires head / heart balance, balancing logical and emotional components, for the best interests of the organization he wants, he represents! A leader must consider, not only how things will / may be done, but also, how to do it, while articulating positive messages, who inspire and motivate others, to be more involved, and more involved. It is the responsibility, and the work of a manager, to bring these ideas, produce results, by implementing it effectively!

2. Leaders empathize; Manager’s schedule: A leader must focus, not only on what he wants to achieve, but, too, too, about how to do it, in a way that inspires, which discusses, considers, and emphasizes, needs, goals, priorities and concerns, from those who he is Serve and represent, based on their perception, etc. Managers, on the other hand, must follow the leader’s instructions, in implementing the plan, and developing organizing modes of methods, to get what is needed, and needed, done and appear!

3. Long-term leader plan; Managers, day to day: True leaders must avoid placing bands – assistance, in bleeding, and handling existing challenges, needs, and consideration, while considering long-term consequences, and trying to create, develop, and implement quality, sustainable systems. Managers are assigned to deal with everyday responsibilities, which must be handled, effectively, etc.

4. The leader manages / set priority; Managers, implement: Effective leadership means remembering, developing, establishing and managing priorities, which must be overcome! Managers must take directions from the leader, and apply the best action / action plan, to pursue!

5. Lead leader; The manager is successful: someone is known as a leader or manager, based on their main responsibilities, etc. True leaders guide their constituents, and articulate positive messages, who consider what needs to be done, and motivates others to care more, and motivate others to be involved! Managers must discuss ways to advance effectively, every day!

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