September 2023


Perfecting your organization’s customer experience will take time. The good news is, there are several strategies retailers can employ to enhance the customer experience and retention. One example is by calling on a brand’s community. Community engagement leverages user-generated content and social media. Features such as reviews, forums, polls, surveys and hashtag campaigns can help foster brand connections among customers. When a brand has a strong presence online, they have a much higher likelihood of going viral. Virality, while short lived, can be enough to drive in a small percentage of loyal customers. In the long-term, this is highly beneficial to organizations. One form of this content is user education. Content created around the use and tutorials of a product can help boost retention by helping customers fully understand and use your products. These tutorials, how-tos and demos facilitate self-service and greater satisfaction for customers. Strategies may vary by organization, but for more information on the customer experience and how it relates to customer churn, please see the infographic paired alongside this post.

How CX Can Combat Customer Churn an infographic provided by BillingPlatform, a company specializing in revenue recognition solutions

Experts at the highest levels of executive leadership will often rely on strategists and consultants to help them make big decisions. Entrepreneurs like Kevin Modany are experts in machining new concepts and building ideas from scratch, lending their experiences and expertise to those needing to help propel growth.

As the Managing Director of BlueRock Partners, Kevin Modany has played a pivotal role in conceptualizing, building, and deploying new concepts at his place of business. Recalling his years of industry experience and his unique approach to life as an entrepreneur, Modany sat down with the team at Ideamensch to discuss what made his process memorable.

To share his insights with the world, Modany talked about how he has found prolonged success as an entrepreneur.

Build on the Right First Step

Working as an entrepreneur is an almost tireless task that requires a fierce commitment to seeing things through and building concepts to fruition from relative obscurity. To succeed in this business facet, Modany relies on a rigorous approach to his day that begins with an early rise.

Modany starts most of his days by assessing his to-do list from the night prior. After glancing at his list, Modany begins to knock out emails, phone calls, and other essential methods of correspondence. By the time this is done, Modany’s day has fully started, and his list has begun to whittle down.

Leaving the correspondence aspect of his job behind, Monday finds his way to an afternoon workout. Modany is a fierce believer in the importance of physical fitness, and he suggests that it is pivotal in keeping his mind clear and his head unclouded by distraction.

Modany says of his focus on exercise, “I recommend that everyone try running, or regular exercise, for many benefits. My workout repertoire is typically running, resistance training, and stretching.”

Modany added, “When I’m unfocused or overwhelmed, I go for a run. It’s meditative, helpful for focusing, and great exercise.”

A Long and Short View of the Project

More than anything, Kevin Modany is a fierce believer in collaborating on concepts to build them into something even better. Modany’s creator and leadership instincts have helped him guide many projects to fruition, providing exceptional outcomes for the businesses he has worked with.

For Modany’s part, his belief and confidence in his ability to view both micro and macro perspectives have guided him for so long.

Modany said of his efforts, “I believe that my ability to have micro and macro perspectives simultaneously has helped to advance my career. I try to paint a picture of the vision and our goals.”

Bringing an idea to life often begins with Modany checking out all the details, preparing them, and backing them up with sources and data points supporting his view. Modany adds, “I think I’ve been able to see the whole picture, from micro to macro, strategically and operationally.”

From his work, Modany has learned equally in both failure and success. Modany says, “From each failure, I learned that there are only certain things you can control. You have to focus on only the things within your control.” Modany thinks that some of the next big moments in his field will involve artificial intelligence or machine learning. Modany said, “The possibilities of artificial intelligence and using machine learning to be more efficient and do good things is an area that excites me.”