December 2021


Only 11% of consumers around the globe are satisfied with today’s modern packaging solutions. This may be because of a lack of quality, protection, and several other considerations. Custom boxes solve so many of today’s shipping woes. There are numerous reasons for a customer to want a custom box:

Organization Many small businesses do not have the time to order standard, cardboard boxes, especially for their most important inventory that is held within the small business. Some brands, like Disney, offer their own customizable solutions for packaging their small goods. Other companies allow you to add-on your own creative designs on the packaging itself. Using a custom packaging solution allows you to stay organized while ensuring your merchandise is packaged properly for optimal protection.

Brand Awareness – By using custom boxes, your brand is becoming more recognizable and easily recognized. By making the product itself an integral part of your branding strategy, you are communicating to your customers that you truly care about them and their needs. Custom mailer boxes and envelopes allow you to communicate your personal vision for your brand. As you build a solid relationship with customers, they will likely continue to use your product in the future.

Protection from Heat/Water/Dry – Standard cardboard packaging will begin to warp, tear, and shrink within weeks of use. These factors, paired with the environmental threats that climate change poses to the planet, are leading consumers to favor eco-friendly packaging solutions. Custom boxes offer a solution that provides complete protection from heat, moisture, and the damaging effects of both dry and moisture. In addition, eco-friendly boxes help reduce waste and are better for the environment. If you are a brand building firm or planning to launch a green products or services program, consider the impact your customers will have on the packaging you choose.

Marketing and Exposure – When your business uses custom packaging solutions, it allows you to benefit from the branding and marketing benefits of a customized box. Advertising is one of the most powerful ways to let people know about your company. Custom boxes let us deliver this message to customers while protecting the environment and reducing waste.

As you can see, the benefits of using eco-friendly packaging solutions far outweigh those of standard cardboard boxes. If you have not considered using custom boxes for your next move, take a few moments to consider what these solutions can do for your brand. From increased awareness to better protection from damage, these boxes work to let us do what we can to improve our world. Choose eco-friendly packaging and let your business do the same!