Developments in commercial shipping capabilities today are made through the lens of Amazon Prime. Being able to meet these same standards is a sure sign of a company that can compete with Amazon in the space, which is why customer expectations have begun to be formed around the offerings of Prime. Failure to meet these expectations are part of what will keep many smaller companies reimagining their processes and how they’ll meet the demands of potential customers. An organization dedicated to quality customer-focused service is the best starting point. Customers are people and people care about being treated fairly, regardless of shipping preference. However, when it comes to shipping preference, many organizations have found that offering a choice between a fast shipping time with a cost and a free shipping option with a later arrival date is the way to go. This gives the customer agency in deciding what is right for them and their order. This sort of consideration is what separates a smaller retailer in the moment for a customer. Hoping to learn more about the ways in which your organization can keep up with the commercial fulfillment necessary for an online retailer? Be sure to check out the resource coupled alongside this post for more information.

Free vs. Fast: Where Do You Stand With Delivery? presented by WAREHOWZ, the company to call when attempting to find warehouse space

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