If you are not a big fan of moving, office moves are not going to be your cup of tea at all. Luckily, there are hundreds of office movers in Toronto to choose from who will do the work for you. But if you are not very sure about externalizing the packing services, perhaps our tips will help. Packing is the most tedious and time-consuming part of any relocation. And when fragile or expensive items are involved, such as office appliances and computers, things get even more stressful. If someone who lacks experience is left to handle this, you risk major damages during the moving process. Anything that is not packed or not stashed properly is prone to be broken sooner or later during the move. We don’t want to worry you and we don’t want to push you into hiring professional packers, asides from your office movers in Toronto. Although, later in this article, we will also explain why they are a good option. Instead, we are here to present you with some guidelines on how to pack efficiently and safely for an office move.

Get the moving supplies you need

…and make sure you take care of this issue in due time. You wouldn’t’t want your office movers in Toronto to knock on your door while you are out searching for extra moving boxes. Any additional trip to the box shop will result in wasting your time, so plan properly from the beginning! Try making a realistic estimation of how much of the following you will need: moving boxes of various sizes, heavy-duty tape and shrink wrap, bubble wrap, packing paper, markers and labels. Additionally, consider buying or renting screen boxes or TV boxes for your large screens. If you are also packing a kitchen or uniforms, consider dish boxes and wardrobe boxes. These will make your life much easier.

Distribute the weight properly

When packing, people often tend to put all items of one type in the same place. While this is not necessarily a bad idea, it gets messy when you put all books inside one moving box, for example. It is better to put heavy items below and lighter items on top. And, of course, to balance the weight properly, so that the boxes are not pulling in one direction. This will prevent any unwanted accidents. Moreover, when your office movers Toronto come pick up your stuff, it will also be easier for them.

Secure small items

One of the biggest issues with office moves is that small items are either lost or damaged in the process. If you have an SD card or maybe some small USB key, don’t randomly put them among folders and appliances! Make sure to secure them and make them visible by putting them in a safe place, where you will be able to find them easily later. If we talk about fragile items, wrap them properly before putting them among the other items inside the box. Even if it is just an IKEA glass, you still don’t want to break it and risk some silly accidents. Better safe than sorry.

Cushion everything

And not only do this, but also make sure there is no empty room inside the boxes. This way, objects will not slide randomly in the available space during transportation, but they will rather stay in place. Cushioning is the best way to ensure the integrity of your objects. If done properly, even if a box falls inside the truck during the move, it is unlikely that the items inside break. Or at least the chances are lower. Regardless of what’s inside, make sure you leave no unused spaces! You will see that all reputable office movers in Toronto do the same. They carefully fill up all empty spaces with packing paper or bubble wrap, making sure things stay in place.

When in doubt…

…call office movers in Toronto and ask them to help you. Many of the office moving companies in Toronto provide professional packing services, as well. And believe us when we say it is likely that they finish with the whole packing chores in no time. This is their job, after all, and movers like the ones we have at Let’s Get Moving are quick and efficient when it comes to both moving and packing. This choice will save you a lot of time, hassle, and money too. Besides, there are lots of moving companies in Toronto to choose from, so you will surely find some great office movers for your needs.

And if you already decided that you want to hire one of the office moving companies in Toronto for this job, Let’s Get Moving is ready to offer you a free quote. Later, we will offer you amazing moving services and a hassle-free move. If you are not convinced about whether what we say is true, check out our amazing reviews on Google, Yelp, and Homestars!

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