At present, advertisements are everywhere. People are exposed to many commercial messages. However, many people like their impact. In 1843, the first advertising agent began in Philadelphia by Volney Palmer.

Advertising is a non-personal form of promoting or encouraging target audience to buy and try products or services. The target audience will be interested in marketing messages. Copywriters and graphic designers produce advertisements. Advertising materials often consist of copies and images of products or services plus one or two testimonials.

Advertising must be interesting, directly to the point and simple. This will attract the attention of the people. This is a tool for use so that people can see the message you want to express. Advertising includes the features and benefits of your product or service that you have. In 2007, the United States spent $ 150 billion for advertising and $ 385 billion was spent throughout the world. In the business world, advertisements cannot be avoided. Everyone does it so that their business benefits.

There are two forms of advertising, oral and written forms. Advertising is how to promote a product or service provided by the company. It will appear in pamphlets, television, radio, and billboards or via the internet. There is a big difference between advertising and marketing.

The importance of advertising.
Spending money for advertising will spend a lot of money if your target market is large, which is why you want to make sure that you have chosen the niche market that you can buy .. This is an important factor in the current world economic growth. The company has different tactics in using advertisements for their company, some use it occasionally just by placing it to newspapers in the classified ad section and some also use it through a sales team such as advertisements that sell via telephone too. But most companies use advertising to help meet their profit goals because they know more to do. There are certain techniques that must be done so that the target market to buy a product. First is a repetition, the buyer always chooses widely known products. The second is a testimonial, people want to use the products or services that are tried and tested. Others are pressure, by providing a limited supply supply supply.

Four categories of advertising
Product-oriented advertising is a way to promote certain products to the market; They try to encourage people to buy their products. The purpose of this ad is to put something in the minds of people about the product and this will create curiosity in their minds, such as what people will have in this product.

Image ads – this is a form of targeting market targets. Image ads are educating individuals unlike other types of ads when they only provide benefits and superiority of several products. That is how to care for people to the solution.

Advocacy Ads – This is a way to send messages to targeted individuals about their point of view on some problems.

Public service advertisements – The form of this ad will be free if it is a good advertising for general good and worries that provide warnings to young people for example.

Advertising media available include newspapers, magazines, leaflets, web banners, pamphlets, writers sky, and bus side to make a list of only a few available options.

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